Tiny Cross Stitching

Cross stitching 40 stitches to an inch (1600 per square inch) really is as fun as I had hoped. Here are some tips to make it easier.

1. Use 40 count silk gauze. I got mine from Needle in a Haystack. Cathe sells it by the inch. The holes are huge and it is easy to get the needle through. You can also use 40 count linen but you have to use one strand of a thinner thread than DMC. With silk gauze you can use DMC.
2. Stitch in good light, like sunlight. If you live in a northern climate that gets grey in the winter, I can think of no better excuse to go south for a vacation. Pitch it like this, “Honey we need to take a vacation to Hawaii.” “Why?” “So I have good light to make tiny cross stitches.” “Well of course dear.” What spouse can resist such a compelling argument?
3. Use a half cross stitch or tent stitch. (I know whoever named the diagonal stitch a tent stitch did not observe my tent erecting skills. If so it would be called the “pathetic heap on the ground” stitch.) An added bonus is that you can finish your cross stitch in half the time due to doing half a stitch.
4. Do not look up from your work often so you have to refocus tiny again. In fact, if you look up into people’s faces after working for awhile, it will feel like you are being attacked by Mt. Rushmore.
5. You can make gifts for others by making your cross stitches into jewelry and see whether they wear your gift or regift it to the aunt that they are always complaining about.

It is also the time of year to make your Christmas cards. Here is my progress. I found these flower dies from Spellbinders and decided to challenge myself to make it into something Christmas like.

Speaking of challenging oneself, I was in a Victoria Secret store. I don’t know why. I picked up a pair of paper angel wings. I don’t know why. I sprayed some perfume on them. I don’t know why. Angel wings remind me of my kitchen. I don’t know why. I took them home and realized I could make them into a gift tag. Then I knew why. Here they are.

Published by Frony Ritter Designs

I’m an artist who loves to work in different media. My favorite to work in is thread and fabric doing counted cross stitch design.

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