A Christmas gift for You

For you dear readers who have endured my strange perspective on life and art, I would like to show my appreciation by giving you a gift to help you celebrate the holiday season. On my website, fronyritterdesigns.com I have the instructions for this ornament.

Here is a wee bit of history about this type of art. It is variation of a Pictish style. Picts were a group of late Iron Age, early medieval Celtic people from northern and eastern Scotland. Most historians believe they were called Picts because of the pictures, or tattoos they had on their bodies.

Now, the closest I have become to being a Pict was as a kid, when I was delighted to get a tattoo out of the Cracker Jacks boxes. You know, the ones where you lick the back of your hand, and press the tattoo so hard that it breaks 18 out of the 27 bones in your hand. I would walk with my tattoo obviously showing so the adults around me would comment, then say, “Yeah. I got this in Naam. I got blitzed one night and in the morning, there it was.” I was so convincing, I almost believed myself, other than that I was 7 years old and had no idea what the word blitzed meant.

If you would like to see some diagonal artwork that is a little similar, you can look back to the 9th century in the Gospels of Mac Durnan. The Gospel of Lindesfarne also has some diagonal work like this.

For those of you who do decorative painting, here is a pouch for a pen you can paint.

I used Deco Art paints, and Mill Hill beads for the necklace part. This could also be painted on paper for a bookmark or wood.

I have noticed when people talk about their favorite Christmas memories, it almost always involves crafting or creating something. Listen, and I bet you will hear the same thing.

Published by Frony Ritter Designs

I’m an artist who loves to work in different media. My favorite to work in is thread and fabric doing counted cross stitch design.

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