Summer stitching pattern

Every design has a birth story.  This one began while I was admiring the art and architecture of Vienna. Right in the middle of savoring the ancient beauty my eyes were suddenly assaulted by this hot pink bunny.  To prevent my retinas from being fried I immediately looked down.  I saw this amazing sewer cover on the sidewalk.  So I let the design incubate and it morphed into what you can now stitch.

 You can stitch it with or without the words, depending on whether or not you need to be reminded to live life deliberately. As usual, I stitched one version on fabric as did my mother-in-law, and did one on perforated paper that is a combination of stitching and beading using Mill Hill beads.


Published by Frony Ritter Designs

I’m an artist who loves to work in different media. My favorite to work in is thread and fabric doing counted cross stitch design.

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