More Christmas Ornaments

Frony Ritter Designs was honored to be in the Christmas Issue of Just Cross Stitch, available most places where cross stitch supplies are sold. You can see our ornament which is the bell on the front cover. Start now and you can have all 75 ornaments stitched by next Christmas.

Sewing Camp

Frony Ritter Designs went to sewing camp. The counselor (my Sister DeDe) taught me to turn my designs into little bags.

In addition to sewing, camp activities included picking wild flowers, roasting s’mores, snipe hunting and playing tricks on the counselor. At the end, the Kingsmen/Dennis Mitchell Band, (remember their song Louie Louie that was so popular the FBI investigated because they feared the indecipherable lyrics were indecent?) played for us so we could exercise our feet, not just our hands. Here is the band and Oregon friends displaying some of Frony Ritter Designs which included sewing. (Check out the two mini me dolls that look just like their owners). My camp counselor has taught at the sewing store owned by Kingsmen Todd McPherson in Salem, Oregon called Whitlocks, more proof that music and stitching go together like gooey marshmallows and graham crackers.

Speaking of stitching musicians, there is also a cross stitcher in the Celtic Tribal Rock group called the Wicked Tinkers. They are all holding up cross stitch charts but to find out which of these guys stitch you will have to go to one of their awesome concerts and ask. The zombie van? If you have seen the television series Grimm you know that Portland is full of weird creatures that sometimes need to be controlled. I just don’t know why that van was following me.

Santa Claus came to Town

It has been over 100 degrees most of the summer where I live, and nothing cools me down faster than cross stitching Santa Claus. Now you can stitch him too.

Here is the latest piece in the Winter Series. He can be stitched and turned into a tree ornament or framed. There are instructions on the chart for both beading with stitching and just using DMC thread.

So, to stay cool you can either go to the expense of putting in a pool, spend a fortune on air conditioning or Otter Pops, or just stitch Santa.