Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

This design can be found in the 2016 Christmas Ornament Issue of Just Cross Stitch. I added Mill Hill beads to the piece to sparkle it up. I also added an easy recipe for peppermint chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting, marshmallow filling and an infusion of Peppermint Bark Liqueur from Eastside Distilling in Portland, guaranteed to provide you with lots of pleasure and unwanted pounds.

Snowflakes at midnight

No snowflake is exactly alike. The pile of snowflakes at the bottom of this picture proves it again.  While remembering the magic of snow silently falling in the middle of the night, I experimented with various colors, sparkly threads and beads until it felt just right.  I then stitched it small to make a necklace and then made the pattern using all Delica beads.  This chart is now available through your favorite cross stitch store now.

Summer stitching pattern

Every design has a birth story.  This one began while I was admiring the art and architecture of Vienna. Right in the middle of savoring the ancient beauty my eyes were suddenly assaulted by this hot pink bunny.  To prevent my retinas from being fried I immediately looked down.  I saw this amazing sewer cover on the sidewalk.  So I let the design incubate and it morphed into what you can now stitch.

 You can stitch it with or without the words, depending on whether or not you need to be reminded to live life deliberately. As usual, I stitched one version on fabric as did my mother-in-law, and did one on perforated paper that is a combination of stitching and beading using Mill Hill beads.


Free Cross Stitch Charts

While wistfully looking at my mitten boxes and waiting to wear these as they are my favorite article of clothing, I decided to make some charts for you, and for Wichelt, who carries my favorite beads and perforated paper. I used leftover pieces of perforated paper, Mill Hill beads and DMC floss.

You can get your free chart to stitch these by going on to and while you are at it, check out all the beads they carry.