Kiss Me I’m Irish

Frony Ritter Designs has another design for you to stitch for your loved ones. You can also at the same time brag about being Irish, even if you are not, since the saying goes, “Everyone is Irish for a day”.

Since there was not room in the chart for a wee bit of history, here it is. Most historians think that the origin of the saying, “Kiss me I’m Irish” goes back to the Blarney Stone, which is a block of bluestone built into the wall at Blarney castle in Ireland. Kissing the Blarney Stone is supposed to endow the kisser with eloquence, although since millions of people have kissed it, I think it merely endows one with a nasty mouth fungus. I tried it anyway, just to see if there was any magic in that old stone after all. An even better idea was to go to the bottom of the castle under the stone to see how much loose change falls out of the pockets of unsuspecting stone kissers since there is a scary gap between the wall and the floor. Before they had safety rails and charming Irishmen to hold onto you while you kissed (they also periodically sterilize the stone which was what I waited for before I kissed anything), you risked your life to get the gift of eloquence as not just your money, but you could fall down the gap.

The belief is if you can’t get to the Blarney Stone to kiss it, kiss the next best thing, an Irish person. But if you are not into kissing, the back of the chart has the piece stitched without the border. This version is a combination of cross stitch and beading. Instructions for specific fabrics and finishing is on the website, Did the stone confer on me eloquence? I think I didn’t kiss it long enough.

Published by Frony Ritter Designs

I’m an artist who loves to work in different media. My favorite to work in is thread and fabric doing counted cross stitch design.

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