Make your own Valentine

If you want to make sure your sweetheart doesn’t throw away the Valentine you make her or him, stitch it and frame it, or put it on an easel. Here is the perfect pattern for it. If you want to tell someone that you love them, but are too shy, say it in stitches. You will have about fifteen hours of stitching to either chicken out or get up the courage to give it to them.

You can make this as a wedding present. You can stitch it and replace “I love you” with the couple’s names, and the wedding date. You can also personalize the bottom line for someone, making it impossible to re-gift the stitchery, unless of course, they find someone else with the same name and they happen to love them.

You can stitch this piece in 28 or 30 or a smaller count and make a necklace. As with all the Celtic pieces, there are instructions for both cross stitch and a combination of stitching and beading on the charts.

So show your love in stitches!

Published by Frony Ritter Designs

I’m an artist who loves to work in different media. My favorite to work in is thread and fabric doing counted cross stitch design.

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